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First Baptismal Service Held at Watch Night Service 2009

Posted by Meredith Griffin on January 4, 2010

Nyesha Smith about to be baptized

It was an exciting night at Harvest Christian Fellowship. In spite of the snow early in the day, and the steady rain all night, the faithful made their way to the church to witness the first baptismal service in the history of this local church. The fellowship hall was transformed into a sanctuary for the baptismal service. The brand new baptismal pool was ready, the candidates were ready, and the senior pastor was excited and ready.

There were five persons who, upon the profession of their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, were prepared to be baptized. After the candidates professed their willingness to publicly live lives pleasing to Christ, they were led to the pool while the congregation sang “Take Me to the Water.”

Those baptized receive their baptismal certificates during Sunday worship service

Those who were baptized received their Certificates of Baptism during the morning worship service on January 3, 2010. To see more pictures, visit Harvest Christian Fellowship’s Facebook fan page. The next baptismal service is scheduled to be held in March.


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